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Test Detail:
The IIBA-AAC (Agile Analyst) exam is offered by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) and is designed to assess the knowledge and skills of professionals working as Agile Analysts. The exam focuses on various aspects of agile methodologies, agile analysis, and collaboration within agile teams.

Course Outline:
The Agile Analyst course provides comprehensive training on agile principles, practices, and techniques, with a specific focus on the role of the analyst within an agile environment. The course covers subjects such as agile methodologies, agile requirements management, user stories, backlog grooming, and collaboration techniques. The following is a general outline of the key subjects covered:

1. Introduction to Agile Analysis:
- Understanding agile principles and values.
- Roles and responsibilities in agile teams.
- Agile planning and estimation techniques.

2. Agile Requirements Management:
- Techniques for eliciting and capturing requirements in agile projects.
- User stories and acceptance criteria.
- Backlog management and prioritization.
- Agile requirements documentation.

3. Agile Analysis Techniques:
- Facilitation techniques for agile workshops and meetings.
- Collaboration and communication in agile teams.
- Analyzing and decomposing user stories.
- Agile modeling and prototyping.

4. Agile Team Collaboration:
- Building effective agile teams.
- Stakeholder engagement and communication.
- Agile testing and quality assurance.
- Continuous improvement and retrospectives.

Exam Objectives:
The IIBA-AAC exam assesses the candidate's knowledge and skills in the following areas:

1. Agile Principles and Mindset:
- Understanding and applying agile principles.
- Embracing an agile mindset and values.
- Incorporating customer-centricity in agile analysis.

2. Agile Analysis Techniques:
- Eliciting, analyzing, and prioritizing requirements in an agile context.
- Utilizing techniques such as user stories, story mapping, and backlog grooming.
- Applying agile modeling and prototyping techniques.

3. Agile Practices and Methods:
- Understanding different agile methodologies (e.g., Scrum, Kanban).
- Participating effectively in agile ceremonies and rituals.
- Collaborating with cross-functional agile teams.

4. Agile Team and Stakeholder Engagement:
- Facilitating effective communication and collaboration in agile teams.
- Engaging stakeholders throughout the agile project lifecycle.
- Supporting agile testing and quality assurance activities.

Exam Syllabus:
The IIBA-AAC exam syllabus provides a detailed breakdown of the subjects covered in the exam. It includes specific knowledge areas, tasks, and techniques that candidates are expected to understand and apply. The syllabus may cover the following areas:

- Agile Mindset and Principles
- Agile Analysis and Planning
- Elicitation and Collaboration in Agile
- Requirements Life Cycle Management
- Strategy Analysis in Agile
- Requirements Analysis and Design Definition
- Solution Evaluation

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Agile Analyst
Through ongoing collaboration with stakeholders the team continues to uncover new information. This is leading to changes to the products that are being produced. The team should:
A. Stop all work until stakeholders can decide what they need
B. Schedule additional review sessions to speed up stake holder decisions
C. Accept all changes but delay additional solution development work to minimize rework
D. Continue as is since the process is working
Correct Answer: B
During a backlog refinement meeting, the team uses the appropriate technique to focus discussion on backlog items and their:
A. Technical designs and related details
B. Related users, user goals, user activities and their importance
C. Estimates determined by the delivery teamD. Resource requirements and availability for work.
Correct Answer: D
QUESTION 78 While reviewing criteria for a well-written story, the team discusses the
following criteria:
A. Detailed persona characteristics
B. Cost-benefit valuation
C. Alignment to the organizations vision statement
D. Achievable unit of development
Correct Answer: D
Reference: https://www.agilealliance.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/AgileExtension_V2-Member-Copy.pdf (55)
The team is discussing the initiative and thinking about what solution increments are worth doing. An appropriate technique for them to use is:
A. Backlog refinement
B. Portfolio kanban
C. Purpose alignment model
D. Story elaboration
Correct Answer: B
Reference: https://www.agilealliance.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/AgileExtension_V2-Member-Copy.pdf (39)
QUESTION 80 While using Kano Analysis to determine what features to include in the MVP, the delivery team decides to include characteristics which if omitted will cause intense dissatisfaction. A team member indicates that these are
referred to as:
A. Performance characteristics
B. Threshold characteristics
C. Minimum characteristics
D. Excitement characteristics
Correct Answer: B
Reference: https://www.agilealliance.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/AgileExtension_V2-Member-Copy.pdf (74)
The team is discussing what analysis performed at the initiative level should include. They realize this analysis will support a number of key decisions, particularly decisions around the:
A. Needs and the solution that will satisfy those needs
B. Objectives and strategies to meet those objectives
C. Problem and the system that will address that problem
D. Strategy and identifying actions that will address that strategy
Correct Answer: A
Good analysis practices at the Strategy Horizon facilitate the transfer of relevant knowledge between teams to:
A. Better understand what features will be delivered
B. Cancel initiatives that no longer provide value
C. Stimulate collaboration and continuous improvement.
D. Prioritize and sequence features for delivery
Correct Answer: C
Reference: https://www.agilealliance.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/AgileExtension_V2-Member-Copy.pdf (38)
The team is considering which of several solution paths they should invest in. They are working only from conjecture and opinion, not data and facts. A practitioner with an agile mindset would remind them to:
A. Perform a value analysis of real options
B. Discover what works by trying things out
C. Consider analysis at multiple horizons
D. Collaborate more to create new ideas
Correct Answer: C
Reference: https://www.agilealliance.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/AgileExtension_V2-Member-Copy.pdf (24)
The team is struggling with how to best design and explore options for moving forward. They settle on a time-boxed research approach which is often referred to as a:
A. Simulation
B. Wasteful
C. Spike
D. Incremental
Correct Answer: C
Reference: https://www.agilealliance.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/AgileExtension_V2-Member-Copy.pdf (99)
QUESTION 85 At the Initiative Horizon, we see the concept of adaptive planning expressed when a
solution owner:
A. Ensures technical documentation is updated in response to changes
B. Seeks guidance and direction from senior stakeholders for remaining work
C. Uses feedback to make decisions about remaining solution components or initiatives
D. Meets with stakeholders to gather feedback about delivered solution components
Correct Answer: C
Reference: https://www.agilealliance.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/AgileExtension_V2-Member-Copy.pdf (29)
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IIBA-AAC Agile guide

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How fake Agile At DoD risks country wide protection

linked PRESS

As Agile is increasingly viewed as the general technique to manipulate work within the 21st Century, we're seeing further and further “Agile in name simplest” or “false Agile”. The executive isn't any diverse. The department of protection (DoD) has even issued a e-book, “Detecting Agile BS” to assist identify and drive out rampant false Agile. what's at stake is enormous: at a time when cyber war, each offensive and defensive, has develop into at least as vital as physical fighting, quick construction of useful utility at DoD has become a key ingredient in countrywide safety.

The DoD ebook: ‘Detecting Agile BS’

The existing circumstance is being concerned. In March 2019, the defense Innovation Board concluded that DoD’s “current method to software development is damaged.” it is

a leading source of chance to DoD: it takes too lengthy, is simply too expensive, and exposes warfighters to unacceptable risk by using delaying their entry to equipment they need to be certain mission success. in its place, utility should still enable a greater effective joint force, Strengthen our skill to work with allies, and increase the company techniques of the DoD enterprise.”

The DoD ebook, “Detecting Agile BS”, recognizes that whereas DoD application development initiatives are, just about by means of default, now declared to be ‘agile,’ basically, they are often no longer.

The intention of the DoD book

is to provide suggestions to DoD software executives and acquisition experts on how to discover application tasks which are actually the use of agile construction versus people who are comfortably waterfall or spiral building in agile apparel (‘agile-scrum-fall’).”

The ebook offers “flags” for detecting ‘Agile BS’ that encompass:

  • utility builders now not speakme to users
  • assembly necessities extra important than getting anything constructive to the box right away
  • Stakeholders performing “extra-or-less autonomously” (e.g. it’s no longer my job)
  • guide methods are tolerated in situations when automation is feasible
  • It presents a sequence of questions for “programming teams,” “software administration”, “customers and users,” and “program leadership”. as an example, “What have you learned on your final three spring cycles and what did you do about it? wrong answer: “we are ready to get approval from management.”

    in all probability the clearest section of the e book is the diagrammatic presentation of the leading aspects.

    picture through S. Denning based on 'Detecting Agile BS' 2018

    whether these are exactly the appropriate questions can be much less vital than the proven fact that the query of Agile BS is being addressed at all. The mere fact of asking the questions demonstrates an Agile attitude it's at the least aware about the problem, and could augur smartly for the longer term, if pursued.

    The DoD Ecosystem is not Agile

    Yet how strongly true Agile may be pursued is an open question. truly, of the questions posed in the ebook, the most enormous is: “Is the entire ecosystem agile?” within the case of the DoD, that continues to be an extended way from being the case.

    In March 2019, the defense Innovation Board, in reaching its conclusion that the DoD’s strategy to software is damaged, became repeating what many different reviews have concluded over at the least three decades.

    numerous past reviews have diagnosed the deficiencies in application acquisition and practices within DoD, however little looks to be changing.” A 1987 document “by means of the protection Science Board (DSB) examine on military software fairly tons observed it all.”

    In some respects, DoD even appears to be regressing.

    Mission Command At DoD In 2003

    accordingly in 2003, the us army issued its military Doctrine booklet Mission Command 6.0, which evidently articulated the case for agility in an excellent table:

    table from ADP 6.0 2003

    The military Doctrine publication Mission Command of 2003 referred to that

    traditionally, commanders have employed adaptations of two fundamental command-and-control concepts: mission command and unique command. Militaries and commanders have often appreciated unique command, however an understanding of the character of war and the patterns of defense force historical past factor to the advantages of mission command.”

    It also made the positive claim: “Mission command is the military’s favored idea of command and manage.” The specific apply within the militia in 2003 besides the fact that children was still far from this.

    The Case Of usual McChrystal

    As prevalent Stanley McChrystal found in 2003, when he became main the Joint task force in Iraq, the U.S. military turned into nonetheless deeply embedded in a exact-down equipment of “specific command.” McChrystal discovered himself being requested to make choices and provides approvals on concerns on which the teams themselves had been stronger placed to make the call.

    It turned into without difficulty too slow, even towards an below-knowledgeable, below-outfitted and under-resourced adversary. “in the time it took to move a plan from creation to approval,” writes McChrystal in his unbelievable e-book, crew of teams: New guidelines of Engagement for a posh World (Penguin 2015):

    the battlefield for which the plan had been devised had modified. by the time it could be implemented, the plan—besides the fact that children ingenious in its preliminary design—became frequently inappropriate. We couldn't predict the place the enemy would strike, and we couldn't respond speedy ample after they did.”

    McChrystal might see that the problem wasn’t collaboration inside the groups themselves, but reasonably collaboration between the groups:

    The bonds within squads are fundamentally different from these between squads or other devices. within the phrases of one of our SEALs, ‘The squad is the element at which everybody else sucks.”

    The teams

    had very provincial definitions of purpose: finishing a mission or completing intel evaluation, in place of defeating [the enemy]. To every unit, the piece of the struggle that in reality mattered become the piece interior their box on the org chart; they have been combating their own fights of their own silos. The specialization that allowed for breathtaking effectivity became a legal responsibility in the face of the unpredictability of the true world.”

    McChrystal could see that his amazing teams have been embedded in an authority-based mostly paperwork through which communications and decisions flowed slowly and vertically. He knew that he needed to do something diverse.  He needed to get rid of “the deeply rooted device of secrecy, clearances, and inter-drive rivalries.”

    He saw that the potential to adapt to complexity and continuous unpredictable change changed into extra important than authority and punctiliously prepared plans. rapid horizontal communications were more crucial than vertical consultations and approvals. groups had to be in a position to take selections as necessary, without in search of approvals better up the command.

    McChrystal’s method became to create a “team of groups.” This meant turning the project force from a precise-down bureaucracy right into a network. each crew crucial to appear beyond its personal goals and considerations and spot its work as a part of the larger mission of the collectivity.

    Embracing the seeming chaos of a network turned into a tricky personal resolution for McChrystal to take. despite the fact progress had been made in empowering particular person teams to take initiative on the battlefield, the average structure changed into still suitable-down command and handle. He took 5 main things.

  • First, he introduced the entire key actors together in a typical actual space, to enable horizontal counsel flows, promote deeper knowing and inspire initiative and decision-making.
  • second, he himself embodied open communications in a daily briefing session that lasted an hour or two and by which all and sundry might take into account how the standard operation was becoming together.
  • Third, he pushed resolution making and possession down to the lowest feasible level for each action. In impact, McChrystal became creating an operation according to have faith, regular purpose, shared cognizance, and empowered execution.
  • Fourth, there turned into an trade of staff between groups to inspire collaboration.
  • Fifth and maybe the most complex, McChrystal himself had to unlearn what it means to be a pacesetter. He needed to transition from being the heroic command-giver to being extra like a humble gardener—the very opposite of what he had discovered at West aspect.
  • ‘Mission Command’ At DoD In 2019

    Yet with the aid of 2019, the discoveries of 2003 seem to have been forgotten. The Mission Command publications of 2003 and 2012 have been “outdated” with the aid of a brand new version of Mission Command 6.0, which places the main emphasis on hierarchical command-and-handle.

    Mission command is the military’s strategy to command and control that empowers subordinate resolution making and decentralized execution appropriate to the condition… Commanders delegate acceptable authority to deputies, subordinate commanders, and body of workers members based mostly upon a judgment of their capabilities and adventure. Delegation permits subordinates to come to a decision and act for his or her commander in detailed areas.”

    “Mission Command” is now a be counted of explicit delegation. instead of delegation within “the commander’s intent” being the norm, now there has to be explicit delegation from the hierarchy. In effect, “mission command” in 2019 has morphed into 2003 theory of “special command”, a term that curiously isn't even outlined in the Mission Command 6.0 of 2019.

    whereas “mission command” lower back in 2003 looked like a remarkably far-sighted articulation of Agile management, Mission Command in 2019 has been degraded into typical anti-Agile thinking.

    DoD Cultural barriers To casting off ‘Agile BS’

    whereas the army Doctrine publication Mission Command 2019 is directed towards armed forces operations instead of software development, the vast gulf between the thought of Mission Command in 2003 versus that of 2019 alerts the excessive cultural barrier that lies in the face of fighting “Agile BS” in DoD’s application construction.

    If the protection Innovation Board is considering creating actual agility in application building in DoD, it's going to should engender the sort of transformation that widespread McChrystal went through in 2003. clean considering and Agile mindsets are urgently vital.

    it really is because constructive application construction at DoD isn't just a slim issue affecting a few utility developers. Questions of countrywide cyber safety and the integrity of the upcoming U.S. presidential election may also depend on it.

    and skim additionally:

    figuring out false Agile

    figuring out the Agile mindset

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