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Exam Detail:
The Google AdWords Mobile Advertising certification test assesses an individual's knowledge and skills in creating, managing, and optimizing mobile advertising campaigns using Google AdWords. Here are the test details for the Google AdWords Mobile Advertising certification:

- Number of Questions: The exact number of questions may vary, but the test typically consists of multiple-choice questions.

- Time Limit: The time allotted to complete the test is 90 minutes.

Course Outline:
The course outline for the Google AdWords Mobile Advertising certification covers several key areas related to mobile advertising campaign management. The Topics typically included in the course outline are as follows:

1. Introduction to Mobile Advertising:
- Understanding the mobile landscape and its impact on advertising.
- Recognizing the benefits of mobile advertising for businesses.
- Identifying different mobile ad formats and placements.

2. Mobile Advertising Campaign Creation:
- Setting campaign objectives and goals for mobile advertising.
- Conducting keyword research and selecting relevant keywords for mobile ads.
- Creating effective mobile ad copy and utilizing ad extensions.

3. Mobile Ad Formats and Ad Management:
- Understanding different mobile ad formats, including text ads, image ads, and video ads.
- Utilizing targeting options to reach the desired mobile audience.
- Setting bid strategies and budget allocation for mobile campaigns.

4. Mobile App Advertising:
- Implementing mobile app promotion campaigns.
- Utilizing app-specific targeting and ad formats.
- Tracking and measuring app installs and conversions.

5. Mobile Website Advertising:
- Creating mobile-friendly landing pages and optimizing user experience.
- Implementing mobile-specific ad extensions and call extensions.
- Tracking and analyzing mobile website performance.

Exam Objectives:
The objectives of the Google AdWords Mobile Advertising certification test are as follows:

- Assessing candidates' understanding of mobile advertising concepts, strategies, and best practices.
- Evaluating candidates' proficiency in creating and managing mobile advertising campaigns.
- Testing candidates' knowledge of mobile-specific ad formats, targeting options, and optimization techniques.

Exam Syllabus:
The specific test syllabus for the Google AdWords Mobile Advertising certification may cover the following topics:

1. Mobile Advertising Fundamentals:
- Mobile advertising landscape and its significance.
- Mobile ad formats, targeting options, and ad extensions.
- Mobile ad policies and best practices.

2. Mobile Campaign Creation and Management:
- Setting up mobile advertising campaigns.
- Keyword research and selection for mobile ads.
- Mobile ad copy creation and optimization.

3. Mobile App Advertising:
- Mobile app promotion campaigns.
- App-specific ad formats and targeting.
- Tracking and measuring app installs and engagement.

4. Mobile Website Advertising:
- Creating mobile-friendly landing pages.
- Mobile-specific ad extensions and call extensions.
- Mobile website performance tracking and optimization.

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Google AdWords Mobile Advertising
Question: 77
You can use the Mobile App Overview report to do which of the following?
A. Assess the general health of your app and follow data trends in key reporting areas
B. Review the code for your app and SDKs
C. Review data about your users names, addresses, and income brackets
D. Gain insight into your competitors strategies
Answer: A
Question: 78
Which of the following is a way for an advertiser to monetize their app?
A. Charging for app downloads from the Apple iTunes or Google Play store
B. All of the listed answers are correct
C. In-app purchases
D. In-app ads
Answer: B
Question: 79
Question #79Topic 1 Target cost-per-acquisition (CPA), which factors in auction-time signals including device,
location, time of day, remarketing list, language, and operating system, automatically optimizes bids across:
A. Search inventory to help advertisers reach their desired cost-per-install goal
B. Search and display inventory to help advertisers reach their desired cost-per-install goal
C. Search and display inventory to help advertisers reach their desired cost-per-impression goal
D. Search and display inventory to help advertisers reach their desired cost-per-click (CPC) goal
Answer: B
Question: 80
Assuming Google forwarding numbers are available in your country, what do you need before you can set up
conversion tracking for calls from an ad or website?
A. B. sales team and operating phone bank
B. A sales team and operating phone bank
C. An active call extension or call-only ad
D. An app published in the Google Play store
Answer: C
Question: 81
The Mobile App Behavior reports provide you data about:
A. Details about how users interact with other users of your app
B. Interactions such as screen views, exits, and crashes
C. How many downloads were referrals from friends
D. In-app user satisfaction ratings
Answer: B
Question: 82
Which automated bid strategy might help Excellerate the chances that your ad gets to the top of the page?
A. Target outranking share
B. Target cost-per-acquisition (CPA)
C. Target search page location
D. Target return on ad spend (ROAS)
Answer: C
Question: 83
To show an ad, which is eligible to appear on search partner sites, on the mobile version of Google Maps, you
should use:
A. Product extensions
B. Location extensions
C. Mobile extensions
D. Store visit extensions
Answer: B
Question: 84
True or false: Firebase can reduce complication for advertisers by providing them with only one SDK to track all
traffic sources, including ad networks.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A
Question: 85
If you value mobile traffic over desktop, which bid adjustment should you set?
A. Increase bid adjustment for mobile
B. Increase bid adjustment for tablets
C. Increase bid adjustment for desktop
D. Increase bid adjustment for mobile and desktop
Answer: A
Question: 86
An app advertiser would want to use a third-party tracking company to:
A. Have a single SDK to add to your app instead of one from each ad network
B. Receive reporting on basic usage analytics
C. Have more control when communicating with each ad network
D. See which of an apps new users came from recent advertising clicks or views
Answer: A
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The appropriate three Google rating elements That definitely rely (Festive Flashback)

have fun the holidays with a few of SEJ’s surest articles of 2023.

Our Festive Flashback sequence runs from December 21 – January 5, that includes each day reads on giant events, fundamentals, actionable strategies, and notion chief opinions.

2023 has been fairly eventful in the search engine optimisation trade, and our contributors produced some wonderful articles to retain pace and reflect these changes.

seize up on the highest quality reads of 2023 to offer you a whole lot to consider as you flow into 2024.

If simplest search engine marketing have been as simple as having a listing of rating factors that Google applies to its algorithm.

If handiest SEO have been as simple as Google having one algorithm.

If only every area of interest and site were ranked within the equal approach.

lengthy long past are the times when engines like google operated on a fundamental degree, the place keyword stuffing and a volume of hyperlinks have been undoubtedly direct factors that impacted ranking. Oh, and there became only one algorithm to be troubled about.

Over the closing 25 years, search engine optimization has turn into an increasingly complex and nuanced discipline.

ranking components vary with the aid of the vertical and the keyword. YMYL rankings are handled in another way from how ecommerce transactional queries are ranked, and local search is distinctive once more.

There is only one sure bet with search engine optimisation: the greater you be aware of, the more you realize you don’t comprehend.

but, we do comprehend that there are some components or indicators that Google considers essential for ranking pages.

down load our ranking factors for 2023 ebook here.

The “Google 200 rating factors” fable

earlier than we list critical elements and indicators for rating, we need to talk in regards to the mythical listing of 200 ranking factors that Google allegedly uses.

Do a Google look for “rating aspect,” and you will see within the search engine consequences pages (SERP) a variety of titles that mention “200 ranking components” from some widespread blogs.

certainly, the number 200 originated as a PR effort by means of Google to painting its algorithm as advanced and having multiple elements. and then it caught. The simplest widely used quotation of “200” is from a speech with the aid of Matt Cutts at PubCon in 2009.

As we observed above, Google and ranking have evolved exponentially over the ultimate 25 years to a point the place there are hundreds (might be hundreds) of components and computing device researching overlays.

What Yandex printed About ranking elements

The Yandex rating factors leak of January 2023 printed Yandex uses around 690 ranking elements, provide or take.

on the time, this become an insight into how a tremendous search engine applied components and indicators for ranking.

In an instantaneous dialog, Dan Taylor, an expert on Russian engines like google, talked about each Yandex and Google share a number of similarities in how they are trying to index and rank sites: “They both have the identical data aspects to work with; on-web page content, links, meta-statistics, cellular-friendliness, and user interactions equivalent to SERP clicks and user behaviour.”

He went on to say: “each engines like google additionally make use of AI for ingredients of their ranking techniques (corresponding to Vega), but have modifications in how they weight certain indicators, such as inbound links and clients clicking on outcomes within the serps, and some of those are extra without difficulty manipulated than others in evaluation to Google.”

Taylor thinks, in concept, that pages will also be optimized for each search engines like google and yahoo in the equal method without compromising efficiency. that could imply the Yandex leak may offer insights into rating on Google.

components, programs, And alerts

every time Google documentation is up to date – or Gary Illyes, John Mueller, or Danny Sullivan comment – search engine marketing certified obsess over the that means.

this is an issue for Google and the search engine optimization business at big, because web optimization professionals commonly look too deeply at the incorrect aspect and lose focus on what in fact concerns. Nothing looks to be held to extra scrutiny than rating factors.

search engine marketing certified are getting fixated on the semantic variations between components, methods, and signals.

When documentation changed into up-to-date to remove web page adventure from the programs page, Google was compelled to put out this remark on X (Twitter): “rating *methods* are distinctive than ranking *alerts* (techniques customarily make use of alerts). We had some things listed on that web page relating to page journey as “techniques” that had been really indicators. They shouldn’t were on the page about methods. Taking them off didn’t imply we no longer believe features of web page experience. It just supposed these weren’t rating *techniques* but in its place signals used by other methods.”

because it turns out, page adventure continues to be a rating ingredient (see under).

Digging into the semantics, Google has two respectable pages that relate to rating elements:

A e-book to Google Search rating systems:

“Google makes use of computerized rating programs that analyze many elements and alerts about tons of of billions of net pages and other content in our Search index to current essentially the most primary, useful outcomes, all in a fraction of a second.”

How Search Works:

“To provide the most advantageous advice, Search algorithms look at many elements and signals, together with the phrases of your question, relevance and value of pages, capabilities of sources, and your location and settings. the weight applied to each and every factor varies reckoning on the character of your question.”

Gary Illyes coated the alterations between elements, signals, and techniques all through an inquire from me anything session at PubCon (September 2023), the place he said, “The leading difference is only language.”

The easiest method to distinguish between gadget and signal is to claim: Google’s ranking systems can be idea of because the computing device gaining knowledge of layers that are applied to refine search effects. rating indicators have an effect on the programs and ranking.

SEO expert Ammon Johns clarified this in a right away message: “no longer all things that are classed as indicators should be used in anyone system. Many things that Google classifies as indicators may also not be relevant to a particular question, or can be weighted differently to that of a different question. for example, even Google’s most famous of all indicators, PageRank, isn’t used in local Search in any respect.”

The Google “How Search Works” web page talks about “key factors that help investigate which results are returned on your query.”

On this web page, the leading elements are summarized as:

  • that means.
  • Relevance.
  • nice.
  • Usability.
  • Context.
  • in case you can bear in mind the primary approach that Google takes, then distracting your self with semantics is not crucial. Following a common experience strategy to the conclusion purpose for the end consumer is a a good deal more useful and long-time period strategy.

    basically, Google is pushed through eager to provide the premiere search consequences it might probably so that it has a market-main product. It’s a enterprise. once you consider this, you be aware the fundamental concept of search engine optimization.

    That stated, listed below are the simple rating factors that should still all be considered for SERP visibility.

    The 3 rating factors That each search engine marketing professional should still center around1. awesome content material

    the primary stage of ranking is to have in mind the person’s question.

    The 2nd stage is to fit the query to the content material on a page.

    From How Search Works: “Our programs analyze the content to determine no matter if it carries suggestions that could be important to what you are searching for.”

    as long as your site is technically sound enough to be crawled and rendered, first-class content remains the #1 rating element.

    content is key no longer only for ranking, however additionally for person experience and conversion.

    Gary Illyes from Google summarizes this via announcing: “with out content it actually is not feasible to rank. if you don’t have phrases on page you’re not going to rank for it. each web page can have anything diverse because the desirable 2 or three ranking elements.”

    The cyber web is literally built from pages of content.

    but what is amazing content material? in short, it will possibly superior be described as content material that follows E-E-A-T signals, and it demonstrates:

  • journey.
  • competencies.
  • Authoritativeness.
  • Trustworthiness.
  • study extra about E-E-A-T beneath.

    fundamental components of content material are the keyword phrases and words on the web page. There are theories circulating that keywords are now obsolete and not vital anymore to rank. but, on a fundamental level, key phrases do nonetheless count number.

    As Google says, “probably the most fundamental signal that suggestions is valuable is when content material contains the identical keyword phrases as your search question. for instance, with internet pages, if these keyword phrases seem on the page, or in the event that they seem in the headings or body of the textual content, the advice might possibly be greater relevant.”

    A web page have to certainly determine what it is set to keep away from any ambiguity and to be ranked.

    Pedro Dias, a former Googler, explained in an instantaneous conversation: “It’s no longer that original rating factors like keywords are out of date, they're the cornerstone on which we construct. It’s simply as important as all the time that these fundamentals are applied and finished well.”

    Pedro went on to claim: “Google has delivered machine researching it truly is utilized on correct of the foundations with the intention to supply consequences that take into account far more nuanced intents for queries.”

    Google is striving to at all times floor the most effective results, so laptop getting to know techniques were developed as a part of the stream towards parsing natural language queries. Google can remember the difference between “cheat” as a disingenuous person and “cheat” as a means to online game a gadget (as in cheat code). An illustration Pedro highlighted that Gary Illyes once used.

    we are able to’t point out content material and key phrases without talking about entities, which Google uses to enhanced take into account topics. this text explains intensive why it’s elementary to take into account entities in web optimization.

    As defined through Ammon Johns: “search engines have positioned extra emphasis on semantic search and entities. For the least difficult variety of example, look for ‘background of Munchen’ and not only will Google keep in mind the misspelling of MÜNCHEN, however will pretty much definitely basically display effects with the extra time-honored ‘Munich’ keyword in the titles and snippets.”

    The techniques that have essentially the most influence on rating content material are as follows:

    positive content equipment

    Launched in 2022, Google’s constructive content material system is focused on offering the most fulfilling content to the person.

    Google’s motivation is for content material to demonstrate real-world experience, which circles again to presenting the choicest experience for the reader: “more content by way of people, for individuals.”

    The gadget is being up-to-date continuously, and in 2023, we now have been through several iterations of updates.

    Google states: “The advantageous content device aims to enhanced reward content material where visitors feel they’ve had a satisfying adventure, whereas content material that doesn’t meet a traveller’s expectations received’t perform as well.”

    a couple of of the instructions for helpful content material, which all underline E-E-A-T, encompass:

  • Don’t stray from your main subject.
  • exhibit first-hand adventure.
  • Don’t combine numerous subject matters on one web page.
  • RankBrain

    Launched in 2015, RankBrain is one of Google’s machine gaining knowledge of systems that can join words to ideas and helps Google keep in mind the intent of a search question.

    this is part of the rank refining the place Google will try to come the most valuable effects to a question. It also enables Google to come back results for queries without a previous checklist of searches.

    before RankBrain, Google didn’t have in mind synonyms and would return literal interpretations of a be aware. From Google: “…before we had advanced AI, our programs with ease looked for matching words. for instance, in case you looked for “pziza” – unless there became a page with that selected misspelling, you’d seemingly should redo the hunt with the appropriate spelling to discover a slice close you…Now, with advanced machine researching, our programs can more intuitively recognize if a be aware doesn’t look appropriate and suggest a possible correction.”


    In 2018, BERT created waves within the search engine optimisation industry as a significant update for Google that become stated to impact about 10% of search queries on the time.

    The equipment knows how combinations of words can have distinctive meanings, exceptionally cease phrases. This makes on the other hand-referred to as stop phrases significant in search after they make a contribution to the which means of a query.

    From Google: “BERT turned into a huge step change in herbal language figuring out, helping us understand how combinations of phrases express different meanings and intents.”

    Multitask Unified mannequin (MUM)

    In 2021, at Google IO, MUM became announced as a device to take things a step extra with the aid of being multimodal, which allows for it to take advice from text, photos, and probably video.

    MUM is not utilized as a ranking system across all verticals, as Google spoke of: “whereas we’re still in the early days of tapping into MUM’s potential, we’ve already used it to increase searches for COVID-19 vaccine assistance.”

    it will appear that the main utility is going to be for search that can contain textual content and pictures in Google Lens.

    Google states: “As we introduce extra MUM-powered experiences to search, we’ll start to shift from advanced language figuring out to a more nuanced figuring out of information in regards to the world… MUM is in a position to both realizing and generating language.”

    content Freshness

    Caffeine turned into introduced in 2010 and changed into a circulate far from clean the complete index every few weeks. Google’s cited aim for Caffein became to “analyze the net in small parts and replace our search index on a continuous groundwork, globally.”

    because the internet turned into unexpectedly increasing, in 2011, Google developed on excellent of Caffeine and delivered “Freshness” with the aid of asserting: “…today we’re making a major growth to our ranking algorithm that affects roughly 35 percent of searches and more desirable determines when to offer you greater up-to-date imperative results for these varying levels of freshness.”

    content material freshness is not applied across all searches. It’s query-based and greater important for some niches and queries. as an instance, breaking news consequences, weather, or inventory expenditures.

    Most content will see some stage of decay over time in search effects if it isn’t updated. ideas, ideas, products, and counsel are all continuously evolving, and users’ altering expectations are aligned with that.

    Personalization & Locality

    despite the fact now not involved with great of content material, it’s value citing right here that on exact of all the different rank refining is a layer of personalization, which takes into consideration person search history and consumer region.

    for example, queries corresponding to “most useful coffee store” are considered vicinity-dependent and will bring a map of outcomes in accordance with your location. Some product queries are served via vicinity to floor native suppliers.

    outcomes for a similar question can vary on every equipment, and knowing the motivation a user might have at a definite stage of their journey makes a change in what outcomes may still be served in the search engines.

    as an instance, the query “London Zoo” serves laptop effects with an emphasis on analysis with video and photograph carousels, whereas the mobile SERP has a focus on tickets, directions, and site.

    As John Mueller observed: “in case you’re shopping for your phone then probably you need extra native advice since you’re on the go. Whereas if you’re browsing on a desktop might be you want more photos or extra videos proven in the search effects.”

    should you do keyword research and create content material, it is important to take into account how personalization and locality will affect rating and take this into consideration for your strategy.

    E-E-A-T isn't A ranking ingredient, but Is vital

    once more, no longer a direct system for rating, but event, expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness – E-E-A-T – is a severely vital web optimization conception that each one content material creators should take note of.

    Google’s Search satisfactory Raters instructions was a intently guarded doc at Google that changed into ultimately leaked on-line. Google now overtly publishes the document as an instance of what its first-rate Raters are seeking for when they manually assessment web sites.

    E-E-A-T is part of the Google high-quality Search Raters instructions and never so a great deal a ranking aspect, however it is a guideline.

    E-E-A-T is made from a sequence of refining signals that underline every thing that Google has been trying to obtain with more advantageous consumer adventure and combating misinformation.

    The theory is critical for all niches, but peculiarly for any one in YMYL niches, similar to finance or health, where the outcomes can have an effect on the user’s life significantly.

    As outlined above, great content material is a essential ranking component, and there's no greater blueprint to inform you the way to obtain that than the E-E-A-T instructions. constructing a credible attractiveness as an authority within a box supports Google’s purpose and offers a good person experience.

    2. page event

    page journey brought about ripples within the group when it become removed from Google’s rating methods page, which forced the quest Liaison crew to assert: “…As our information on web page adventure says within the first sentence: ‘Google’s core rating systems seem to be to reward content that provides a good page adventure.’”

    web page journey rolled out in 2021. prior to now to this, Core internet Vitals (CWVs) had been emphasised as an important rating factor.

    CWVs then became a part of anything larger in a collective neighborhood of ‘indicators’ that make up web page event – practically nevertheless a rating component, but a part of a group of factors now called ‘web page experience.’

    To keep in mind why this matters is to keep in mind every thing that Google desires to obtain.

    Google wants to bring a very good user event. It does not mirror smartly on its product if it serves pages that take too lengthy to load, don’t load smartly on certain contraptions, or are obscured by large adverts that hinder users from getting to the page.

    Google says: “Google’s core ranking techniques appear to reward content material that provides a pretty good web page event.”

    web page journey is concentrated on four main signals:

  • HTTPS.
  • web page velocity.
  • cell Friendliness.
  • Core internet Vitals.
  • web page adventure is critical, however not the most critical element. In some circumstances, it’s no longer applied to ranking but is greater vital when there are two pages vying for a place.

    As John Mueller explains: “If the entire content is very equivalent in the search results page, then probably the usage of web page journey helps a little bit to understand which of these are quickly pages or reasonably priced pages relating to the consumer journey and which of those are sort of the much less comparatively cheap pages to show within the search outcomes.”

    Google wants to bring the top-rated product in the marketplace, and here is a critical a part of search engine optimization that has been neglected. specializing in Google’s motivation and dealing with this could get you enhanced outcomes for ranking than anything.

    3. hyperlinks

    rating elements and hyperlinks go hand in hand.

    in view that Google first launched, web optimization experts have been the use of hyperlinks to govern rankings. And Google has been fighting hyperlink junk mail to are trying and Excellerate its effects.

    Many web optimization gurus feel that links are being deprecated as a rating aspect. In a 2022 poll by Marie Haynes, forty four% of SEOs professionals who spoke back concept that hyperlink constructing turned into much less positive now compared to a couple of years ago.

    If we beginning by using why links have been crucial historically, in Google Founders Sergey Brin’s and Lawrence web page’s famous Stanford paper, links were given prominence as one of the most leading components of ranking in a gadget that echoed the citations given to tutorial papers.

    within the early days of Google, hyperlinks instantly became probably the most leveraged unsolicited mail method for rating. It took Google unless 2012 and the legendary Penguin replace to wipe out low-first-rate links, and it has been making an attempt to downgrade the importance of hyperlinks in view that this time.

    Yet, the first time a Google consultant talked about online that links were a ranking element turned into in 2016. In a Q&A with Ammon Johns and others, Google Search first-rate Senior Strategist Andrey Lipattsev observed the desirable three ranking alerts are “content, hyperlinks, RankBrain.”

    bypass ahead to 2023; in an AMA at PubCon, Gary Illyes then gave a contradicting opinion to assert that hyperlinks aren't a “true 3” rating sign and haven’t been “for some time…there in fact isn’t a time-honored good 3.” Illyes went on to assert, “It’s fully viable to rank devoid of links.”

    It’s value given that that there are lots of the explanation why Google would downplay the importance of links, reminiscent of to cut back hyperlink junk mail. Google isn't going to outright declare that links are a surefire rating factor if they will also be so comfortably manipulated. yes, it might be technically viable to rank with out links, but extra frequently, hyperlinks do enrich rating.

    In a right away message conversation, Ammon said in line with his 2016 video: “When Andrey Lipattsev replied with ‘content, hyperlinks and RankBrain’, he changed into asserting what concerns is on-page, off-page, and the way Google techniques a query – which is whatever thing anybody may still have already time-honored. On that foundation, no depend what Gary Illyes has mentioned in view that, these are indeed the three primary elements still these days.”

    other than the circulate of PageRank, some of the explanations that links are important is that Google customarily finds pages through crawling, and it traverses pages by the use of hyperlinks.

    this is why a page without a inbound or inner hyperlinks may also be intricate to rank, as it’s now not found via Google by way of links in an effort to be crawled and indexed. The abilities for the absence of links highlights the importance of submitting a sitemap, which tells Google what pages you want listed.

    internal linking now not most effective helps Google crawl and index all linked pages to your web site – it also helps to interlink subject matter clusters, which is a positive SEO content material strategy.

    what's essential is that not all links are equal, and Google focuses on the excellent of an individual hyperlink, not the quantity of links.

    John Mueller stated: “The variety of links may additionally have been a vital component all over the early days of PageRank, however Google prioritizes more helpful metrics to evaluate links today.”

    hyperlinks don't have the same impact as they did within the early days when it changed into viable to rank with a excessive-volume of low-satisfactory back links. today, relevance and first-class of hyperlink count number.

    good excellent hyperlinks do nevertheless have an have an impact on on ranking, and loads of web optimization experts would say they do nonetheless count number.

    At this element, we will confidently say that inner hyperlinks and inbound links are nonetheless regarded a rating ingredient.

    Google rating components Takeaway

    The leading issue to take far from this article is that ranking and SERP visibility aren't straightforward applications of, “right here is an inventory of rating components that we are able to work with.”

    It’s some of the the explanation why this trade is such an exhilarating and difficult area to work in.

    All that pointed out above, although there isn't a clear set of Google rating factors so that you can follow, there are a couple of components and alerts that are vital to get appropriate to achieve the most useful rating you could.

    delivery by truly realizing Google’s motivation and the way it works. Then, you could start to take into account the way to form your approach to content material and search engine marketing method with a purpose to rank.

    if you need to study greater about rating elements with a focus to prioritize information and never speculation, then obtain a replica of rating factors 2023 ebook.

    In gaining knowledge of this text, the author spoke without delay to Pedro Dias (former Google employee), Ammon Johns (SEO Pioneer), and Dan Taylor (Russian search engine and technical website positioning professional). Many because of them for their enter and advantage.

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