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Exam Details for General Practitioner (GP) Doctor:

Number of Questions: The number of questions in the test may vary depending on the country and regulatory body conducting the exam.

Time Limit: The time allocated for the test varies depending on the format and structure of the exam. It may range from a few hours to multiple days, including practical assessments and written components.

Passing Score: The passing score also varies depending on the country and regulatory body. It is typically determined by the level of proficiency required to practice as a General Practitioner.

Exam Format: The test format may include a combination of written tests, practical assessments, and clinical evaluations. The specific format will be determined by the regulatory body responsible for the certification.

Course Outline:

The course outline for becoming a General Practitioner typically includes the following areas of study:

1. Basic Medical Sciences:
- Anatomy
- Physiology
- Biochemistry
- Pharmacology

2. Clinical Medicine:
- Internal Medicine
- Pediatrics
- Obstetrics and Gynecology
- Surgery
- Emergency Medicine

3. Preventive Medicine and Public Health:
- Epidemiology
- Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
- Environmental Health
- Occupational Health

4. Diagnostic Skills:
- History taking and physical examination
- Medical imaging interpretation
- Laboratory test interpretation

5. Communication Skills and Professionalism:
- Patient communication and counseling
- Ethics and medical professionalism
- Cultural competency

Exam Objectives:

The objectives of the General Practitioner (GP) Doctor test typically include assessing the candidate's:

1. Knowledge and understanding of core medical sciences.
2. Diagnostic and clinical skills in various medical specialties.
3. Ability to effectively communicate with patients and provide appropriate counseling.
4. Proficiency in preventive medicine and public health principles.
5. Knowledge of medical ethics and professionalism.

Exam Syllabus:

The test syllabus covers a wide range of medical subjects and may include, but is not limited to, the following:

1. Anatomy and Physiology
2. Pathophysiology
3. Internal Medicine
4. Pediatrics
5. Obstetrics and Gynecology
6. Surgery
7. Emergency Medicine
8. Preventive Medicine and Public Health
9. Pharmacology
10. Medical Ethics and Professionalism

Please note that the specific test details, course outline, objectives, and syllabus may vary depending on the country and regulatory body governing medical practice. It is essential to consult the relevant medical authority or educational institution in your region for accurate and up-to-date information on the certification process and requirements for becoming a General Practitioner (GP) Doctor.

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General Practitioner (GP) Doctor
Question: 191
A 6-year-old boy fell in the playground and has been holding his forearm complaining of pain. Exam: no sign
However, there is minimal tenderness on exam.
What is the diagnosis?
A. Green stick fx of distal radius
B. Fracture neck of humerus
C. Fracture mid ulnar
D. Fracture mid radius
Answer: A
Question: 192
An 82-year-old man has woken up with incoherent speech and difficulty in finding the right words. Exam: good
Which anatomical site is most likely to be affected?
A. Pons
B. Wernickes area
C. Brocas area
D. Midbrain
E. Parietal cortex
Answer: C
A person with expressive aphasia will exhibit halting and effortful speech. Speech m important content words. Word
comprehension is preserved. The person may still be understood, but sentence grammatical. This contrasts with
receptive or Wernickes aphasia, which is distinguished by a patients inability comprehend language or speak with
appropriately meaningful words though fluency, may be preserved.
Question: 193
A 14-year-old girl presents with primary amenorrhea and a short stature.
What is the most likely diagnosis?
A. Downs syndrome
B. Fragile X syndrome
C. Turners syndrome
D. Klinefelters syndrome
E. Normal finding
Answer: C
Downs syndrome and Fragile x syndrome dont have primary amenorrhea. Klinefelters patients are tall males. So the
likely diagnosis is Turners syndrome.
Question: 194
A 37-year-old woman presents with heavy bleeding. Investigation shows subserosal fibroid-4cm and intramu.
Which is the most appropriate treatment?
A. Abdominal Hysterectomy
B. Vaginal Hysterectomy
C. Abdominal Myomectomy
D. Hysteroscopic Myomectomy
Answer: C
As patient is young we should go for myomectomy. As hysteroscopic myo mainly sub mucosal fibroids we should go
for abdominal myomectomy which will deal with both subserosal a fibroids.
Question: 195
A new screening test has been devised to detect early stages of prostate cancer.
However, the test tends t of people with no cancer, although they do have cancer as diagnosed by other standard tests.
What is this flaw?
A. True Cve
B. False +ve
C. Poor specificity
D. True +ve
E. False -ve
Answer: E
Question: 196
A young girl presented to gynecologist for assessment with lower abdominal pain and per vaginal bleedin of
hysterosalpingograph as a part of her infertility treatment. Observation: BP=90/50mmHg, pulse-120bpm, and revealed
rigid abdomen.
What is the most appropriate next investigation?
A. Coagulation profile
B. Chest X ray
C. Ultrasound abdomen
D. X-ray erect and supine
Answer: C
Likely cause of bleeding and shock is ruptured fallopian tube for which appropriate ne is US abdomen.
Question: 197
A middle aged woman has some weakness of hand after an injury.
Which vertebra will be the lowest to be x-ray to diagnosis the injury?
A. C7/T1
B. C5/C6
C. c8/T1
D. C6/C7
Answer: A
Question: 198
Patient with major depression what is the first line treatment?
A. Tricyclic antidepressant
Answer: B
A SSRIs are the initial antidepressants of choice for uncomplicated depression because of their minimal anti-
cholinergic effects
Question: 199
A 28-weeks pregnant woman presents with uterine bleeding after sexual intercourse.
What is the most appropriate diagnosis?
A. Placental abruption
B. Missed abortion
C. Placental previa
D. Ectropion
Answer: D
Post coital bleeding can be either placenta previa or cervical ectropion. But as ectropion pregnancy so it is the option
Question: 200
Condition not associated with increased alpha fetoprotein:
A. Myelomeningocele
B. Down syndrome
C. Spina bifida
D. Gastroschisis
Answer: B
Down syndrome associated with DECREASED levels of alpha fetoprotein. Not increased.
Reference: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triple_test
Question: 201
A 64 years man believes a female newscaster is communicating directly with him when she turns a page.
Where is he suffering from?
A. Delusion of Reference
B. Nihilistic
C. Grandeur
D. Control
E. Persecutory
Answer: A
A delusion of reference is a type of delusion wherein the individual perceives unrelated events or objects in his/her
surroundings to be of significance for himself/herself. For example, a person with schizophrenia might believe a
billboard or a celebrity is sending a message meant for them.
Question: 202
A 48-year-old woman always socially withdrawn has stopped going out of the house. She is afraid to socialize fears
that people will criticize her.
What is the most probable diagnosis?
C. Social anxiety
D. Agoraphobia
Answer: C
Social anxiety disorder is a type of complex phobia. This type of phobia has a disrupt disabling impact on a persons
life. It can severely affect a persons confidence and self-esteem, interfere with relationships and impair performance
at work or school.
Question: 203
Victim of RTA came with multiple injuries to abdomen, chest and limbs. BP is 80/ 50. upper limb has upper third near
amputation that bleeds profusely, what is your first thing to do:
A. Tourniquet the limb to stop the bleeding
B. Check the airway and breathing
C. Five IV fluid
D. Call orthopedic
Answer: B
As rule ABC also in description near amputation so difficult to make tourniquet enough which stops bleeding.
Question: 204
A 72years presents with polyuria and polydipsia. The fasting blood sugar is 8 and 10mmol/l.BP=130/80mm
cholesterol=5.7mmol/l. There is microalbuminuria.
What is the single most appropriate next management?
A. Statin and glitazone
B. ACEi and sulfonylurea
C. Statin and Biguanide
D. Statin and ACEi
Answer: D
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GP-Doctor Practitioner test dumps

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it be as safe to get your prescription from a nurse practitioner as from a doctor

Nurse practitioners are only as good as primary care medical doctors at averting potentially dangerous prescriptions for older sufferers—however each need to do greater, a large, new look at suggests.

Nurse practitioners (NPs) are registered nurses with advanced working towards in doing many of the same issues doctors do, including diagnosing ailments and devising medication plans. as the u.s. continues to face a scarcity of primary care medical doctors, NPs were essential to filling that hole.

One sticking point has been prescribing medicinal drugs. Many U.S. states allow NPs full prescribing authority, while some limit the styles of medication they could prescribe or require them to be overseen by way of a physician.

Opposition to NP prescribing commonly falls alongside the strains of patient defense—that is, they are no longer pretty much as good at it as docs are.

but the new look at, posted Oct. 23 within the Annals of internal medicine, indicates otherwise.

across 29 U.S. states, researchers discovered NPs and first care docs have been correct on par when it got here to fees of probably "inappropriate" prescriptions to older adults. On normal, those questionable prescriptions made up about 1.7% of all prescriptions in both groups.

The positive interpretation is that seniors who see an NP have no purpose to be anxious that their care should be inferior, noted senior researcher David Studdert, a professor of health policy and legislation at Stanford institution.

in spite of this, he spoke of, there was wide adaptation from one NP to a different, and from one doctor to an additional: In both agencies, some providers made questionable prescriptions at a relatively high cost, while others hardly did.

In other phrases, there is room for development amongst NPs and doctors alike, pointed out Studdert.

And that, he spoke of, is likely where the focal point should still be—in preference to debating no matter if NPs may still be allowed to prescribe in any respect.

Dr. Catherine Sarkisian, a professor and geriatrician at the tuition of California, los angeles, agreed.

Given the countrywide scarcity of fundamental care doctors, NPs are a vital source of take care of many americans, referred to Sarkisian, who co-authored an editorial published with the analyze.

What's important, she observed, is addressing the variance in prescribing "throughout disciplines": Why do some suppliers account for a disproportionate share of probably inappropriate prescriptions?

There are a lot of expertise factors, Sarkisian mentioned. Some providers can be ignorant of instructions recommending against certain drugs for elderly americans. Others might also disagree with the instructions, at least for some of their patients.

and sometimes, Sarkisian referred to, patients ask for a medicine and the provider relents.

What makes a prescription probably inappropriate?

of their look at, Studdert and his colleagues defined that in response to criteria laid out by using the American Geriatrics Society. In a nutshell, they're prescriptions that, for aged adults, may additionally do more harm than good.

Examples consist of opioid painkillers; benzodiazepines (Valium and Xanax), which can impair pondering and reminiscence and increase the risk of falls; heartburn medicinal drugs called proton pump inhibitors (Prilosec and Nexium), the place long-time period use has been tied to bone fractures, nutrient deficiencies and other fitness dangers.

it be now not that older adults should still certainly not use these drugs, Studdert mentioned.

"however," he pointed out, "in most instances, they should still not be prescribed."

The findings are in accordance with Medicare data linked to over 23,000 NPs and 50,000 basic care docs in 29 states the place, as of 2019, NPs had prescribing authority.

Between 2013 and 2019, the regular price of potentially inappropriate prescribing via NPs and medical doctors was virtually similar.

however individual providers numerous widely in their practices, the study found—with NPs varying greater so than doctors. youngsters NPs made up about one-third of the analyze community, they accounted for practically half of providers in the proper 10% for inappropriate prescribing.

That does not, youngsters, mean they offered inferior care, both Studdert and Sarkisian referred to: NPs additionally accounted for half of providers in the 10% with the lowest prices of inappropriate prescribing.

For seniors, the findings underscore the importance of speaking up.

"They should consider empowered to ask questions," Sarkisian noted. "Ask why you take a medication. Ask about facet outcomes. Ask, what happens if I don't take this medicine?"

And for some medicines, Sarkisian cited, there's comes a time when or not it's choicest to "de-prescribe." As americans age, the aspect consequences of a medicine they've taken for years might also delivery to outweigh the skills merits.

greater counsel: Johnny Huynh et al, Inappropriate Prescribing to Older patients with the aid of Nurse Practitioners and primary Care Physicians, Annals of inner drugs (2023). DOI: 10.7326/M23-0827

Copyright © 2023 HealthDay. All rights reserved.

citation: it be as secure to get your prescription from a nurse practitioner as from a doctor (2023, October 28) retrieved 14 November 2023 from https://medicalxpress.com/news/2023-10-safe-prescription-nurse-practitioner-doctor.html

This document is subject to copyright. aside from any reasonable dealing for the goal of inner most study or analysis, no half can be reproduced without the written permission. The content material is supplied for counsel purposes only.


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