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This certification provides the practical knowledge and technical skills to maintain day-to-day operations and support the on-going performance of the CyberArk Privileged Access Security Solution. Preparation Exam

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The exam has 65 multiple-choice questions.

You have 90 minutes to complete the exam.

The exam fee is $200 USD.

Passing score: 70%

In preparation for the CyberArk Defender Certification it is highly recommended you review the Level 2: Defender exam Study Guide and take the course CyberArk Privileged Access Security (PAS) Administration

A CyberArk Certified Defender is capable of performing the following tasks:

Describing the system architecture and workflows. Successfully managing passwords (Verification, Change, and Reconciliation). Onboarding accounts using Accounts Discovery and the Password Upload Utility. Configuring sessions to be directed through a PSM. Monitoring recorded sessions. Describing how connections through a PSMP can be established. Modifying Master Policy settings. Producing reports on various system and user activities. Monitoring the CyberArk implementation. Describing and configuring the various logs that are available to troubleshoot problems. Utilizing the knowledge base and other available resources to resolve problems. Performing common administrative tasks.

The CyberArk Defender Certification tests examanees ability to form the following tasks in seven knowledge domains. Only
functions of the Core PAS Solution are included.

Account Onboarding

• Perform a bulk upload of accounts using Password Upload Utility or REST

• Create an Onboarding Rule

• Onboard an account from the pending accounts list

• Setup a Unix Discovery

• Setup a Windows Discovery

• Manually onboard an account

• Onboard SSH Keys with Account Uploader

Application Management

• Describe tools that could be used to monitor CyberArk Application Health

• Use PrivateArk with Proficiency

• Describe how each component communicates with others or devices on network at a high level

• Maintain an appropriate chain of custody for Encryption Keys

Ongoing Maintenance

• Restore DR to normal operation after a failover

• Backup Vault Data with PAReplicate

• Resync a credential file by running createcredfile manually on the command line

• Identify the log files for each component

• Identify and locate component configuration files

• Assemble necessary log files for submission to a case (X-RAY)

• Ensure each component is operational

• Open a support case with appropriate description and severity

• Create or Upvote an ER

• Restore an object to the vault from a PAReplicate Backup

Password Management Configuration

• Configure a request/approval process

• Configure workflow processes to ensure non-repudiation

• Setup automatic verification, management, and reconciliation of passwords or SSH Keys

• Explain the differences between a logon versus a reconcile account

• Configure a logon account

• Configure a reconcile account

• Properly configure the “SearchForUsages” Platform parameter

• Configure workflow processes to reduce the risk of credential theft

• Configure workflow processes to comply with audit/regulatory policies

• Import a Custom Platform from the Marketplace

• Duplicate a Platform

• Manage the password of a supported usage

• Provision a Safe

• Follow a safe naming convention

• Configure Safe Retention

• Configure Management of Workstation Passwords using Loosely Connected Devices

• Add a User/Group to a safe in accordance with access control policies

• Use an OOB Platform to manage a device

Security and Audit

• Configure a Response to Unmanaged Credentials

• Describe the various PTA detections

• Configure Automatic Session Termination

• Configure a Response to Credential Theft

• Search for a recording

• Utilize safe permissions to limit the scope of reports for specific users

• Understand the purpose of EVD

• Grant appropriate permission to allow users to run reports

• Describe all reports and what information they provide a user

• Review a recording

• Configure email alerts in PTA

Session Management Configuration

• Configure the Master Policy to enable the PSM

• Grant Access to view recordings

• Configure a recording safe

• Make a PSM for SSH Connection using an SSH Client

• Make a PSM Connection using the Connect Button

• Make a PSM Connection using an RDP Client

• Setup text based or video based recordings on PSM

• Configure the PSM to utilize the HTML5 Gateway

• Configure the Master Policy to enable the connect button

• Configure the Master Policy to create PSM recordings

• Configure a split workflow

• Describe connection components and what they do

User Management Configuration

• Be able to describe the difference between safe and vault level permissions without the GUI (web or PA client)

• Add an LDAP User/Group to a Local Group

• Configure additional LDAP hosts

• Validate Proper Function of Pre-Configured Directory Mappings

• Verify an LDAP Configuration is using SSL

• Add a User to a Vault Group

• Configure Safe Level Permissions on a User or Group

• Configure Vault Level Permissions on a User

• Describe the purpose of each Built-In Vault User

• Login as the Master user

• Provision an internally authenticated user in the vault

• Set/Reset a Vault User’s Password

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CAU201 PDF trial Questions

CAU201 trial Questions

CyberArk Defender
Question: 105
PSM captures a record of each command that was executed in Unix.
Answer: A
Question: 106
It is possible to leverage DNA to provide discovery functions that are not available with auto-detection.
Answer: A
Question: 107
Which report provides a list of accounts stored in the vault.
A. Privileged Accounts Inventory
B. Privileged Accounts Compliance Status
C. Entitlement Report
D. Activity Log
Answer: A
Reference: https://techinsight.com.vn/language/en/privileged-account-security-solution-part-2/
Question: 108
As long as you are a member of the Vault Admins group, you can grant any permission on any safe that you have
access to.
Answer: B
Question: 109
Which utilities could you use to change debugging levels on the vault without having to restart the vault. Select all that
A. PAR Agent
B. PrivateArk Server Central Administration
C. Edit DBParm.ini in a text editor.
D. Setup.exe
Answer: A
Question: 110
What is the purpose of the Immediate Interval setting in a CPM policy?
A. To control how often the CPM looks for System Initiated CPM work.
B. To control how often the CPM looks for User Initiated CPM work.
C. To control how long the CPM rests between password changes.
D. To control the maximum amount of time the CPM will wait for a password change to complete.
Answer: C
Question: 111
When on-boarding account using Accounts Feed, which of the following is true?
A. You must specify an existing Safe where the account will be stored when it is on-boarded to the Vault.
B. You can specify the name of a new safe that will be created where the account will be stored when it is on-boarded
to the Vault.
C. You can specify the name of a new Platform that will be created and associated with the account.
D. Any account that is on-boarded can be automatically reconciled regardless of the platform it is associated with.
Answer: C
Reference: https://www.cyberark.com/resource/automating-privileged-account-onboarding/
Question: 112
If a user is a member of more than one group that has authorizations on a safe, by default that user is
A. the vault will not allow this situation to occur.
B. only those permissions that exist on the group added to the safe first.
C. only those permissions that exist in all groups to which the user belongs.
D. the cumulative permissions of all the groups to which that user belongs.
Answer: B
Question: 113
All of your Unix root passwords are stored in the safe UnixRoot. Dual control is enabled for some of the accounts in
that safe. The members of the AD group UnixAdmins need to be able to use the show, copy, and connect buttons on
those passwords at any time without confirmation. The members of the AD group OperationsStaff need to be able to
use the show, copy and connect buttons on those passwords on an emergency basis, but only with the approval of a
member of OperationsManagers. The members of OperationsManagers never need to be able to use the show, copy or
connect buttons themselves.
Which safe permissions do you need to grant to OperationsStaff? Check all that apply.
A. Use Accounts
B. Retrieve Accounts
C. List Accounts
D. Authorize Password Requests
E. Access Safe without Authorization
Answer: A
Question: 114
Platform settings are applied to______________.
A. The entire vault.
B. Network Areas
C. Safes
D. Individual Accounts
Answer: C
Reference: https://www.reddit.com/r/CyberARk/comments/avxnxz/safes_and_platform_association/
Question: 115
Which of the following files must be created or configured in order to run Password Upload Utility? Select all that
A. PACli.ini
B. Vault.ini
C. conf.ini
D. A comma delimited upload file
Answer: C
Reference: https://www.reddit.com/r/CyberARk/comments/84gfsb/password_upload_utility_error/
Question: 116
For an account attached to a platform that requires Dual Control based on a Master Policy exception, how would you
configure a group of users to access a password without approval.
A. Create an exception to the Master Policy to exclude the group from the workflow process.
B. Edit the master policy rule and modify the advanced Access safe without approval rule to include the group.
C. On the safe in which the account is stored grant the group the Access safe without audit authorization.
D. On the safe in which the account is stored grant the group the Access safe without confirmation authorization.
Answer: A
Reference: https://www.reddit.com/r/CyberARk/comments/6270zr/dual_control_on_specific_accounts/
Question: 117
VAULT authorizations may be granted to ____________________. Select all that apply.
A. Vault Users
B. Vault Groups
C. LDAP Users
D. LDAP Groups
Answer: C
Question: 118
A Logon Account can be specified in the Master Policy.
Answer: B
Question: 119
What is the name of the Platform parameter that controls how long a password will stay valid when One Time
Passwords are enabled via the Master Policy?
A. MinValidityPeriod
B. Interval
C. ImmediateInterval
D. Timeout
Answer: D
Question: 120
Customers who have the Access Safe without confirmation safe permission on a safe where accounts are configured
for Dual control, still need to request approval to use the account.
Answer: B
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