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Exam Detail:
The 4A0-C02 exam, also known as "Nokia SRA Composite," is a certification test that validates the knowledge and skills of IT professionals in implementing and managing Nokia Service Routing Architect (SRA) solutions. Here are the details of the 4A0-C02 exam:

- Number of Questions: The 4A0-C02 test typically consists of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and may include scenario-based questions. The exact number of questions may vary, but it generally ranges from 60 to 70 questions.

- Time Limit: The time allocated to complete the 4A0-C02 test is usually around 90 minutes. However, the duration may vary depending on the specific test requirements and the test delivery platform.

Course Outline:
The 4A0-C02 test covers a broad range of courses related to the implementation and management of Nokia SRA solutions. The test assesses the candidate's knowledge in the following areas:

1. Nokia Service Routing Architect (SRA) Fundamentals:
- Understanding the key concepts, principles, and components of Nokia SRA solutions.
- Exploring the architecture and functionalities of Nokia SRA platforms.
- Understanding the role of SRA in service provider networks.

2. Routing and Protocols:
- Configuring and managing routing protocols such as OSPF, IS-IS, and BGP in Nokia SRA environments.
- Implementing advanced routing techniques, including route filtering, redistribution, and route summarization.
- Troubleshooting routing issues and optimizing routing performance.

3. MPLS and Traffic Engineering:
- Understanding MPLS concepts, protocols, and services in Nokia SRA solutions.
- Configuring and managing MPLS-based VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) in SRA environments.
- Implementing traffic engineering mechanisms for optimizing network resource utilization.

4. Service Provider Edge (SPE) Services:
- Configuring and managing key SPE services such as L2VPN (Layer 2 VPN), L3VPN (Layer 3 VPN), and QoS (Quality of Service) in Nokia SRA deployments.
- Understanding the implementation of advanced SPE services, including multicast and IPv6 support.
- Troubleshooting common service-related issues in SPE environments.

5. Network Security and High Availability:
- Implementing security features and mechanisms in Nokia SRA solutions, including access control, firewall policies, and VPN security.
- Configuring and managing high availability solutions such as VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol) and BFD (Bidirectional Forwarding Detection).
- Ensuring network resilience and reliability through redundancy and fault tolerance.

Exam Objectives:
The objectives of the 4A0-C02 test are as follows:

- Assessing the candidate's knowledge and understanding of Nokia SRA fundamentals, including architecture, components, and functionalities.
- Evaluating the candidate's ability to configure and manage routing protocols and advanced routing techniques in SRA environments.
- Testing the candidate's skills in implementing MPLS, traffic engineering, and VPN services in Nokia SRA solutions.
- Verifying the candidate's knowledge of SPE services, including L2VPN, L3VPN, and QoS, and their configuration and troubleshooting.
- Assessing the candidate's understanding of network security and high availability mechanisms in Nokia SRA deployments.

Exam Syllabus:
The 4A0-C02 test covers the following topics:

1. Nokia SRA Fundamentals
2. Routing and Protocols
3. MPLS and Traffic Engineering
4. Service Provider Edge (SPE) Services
5. Network Security and High Availability

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Okia SRA Composite
Question: 190
Which of the following commands would correctly configure the confederation AS number as 65200 with a member
AS of 65202?
A. config>router- confederation 65200 members 65202
B. config>router>bgp= confederation 65200 members 65202
C. config>router= confederation 65202 members 65200
D. config>router>bgp= confederation 65202 members 65200
Answer: A
Question: 191
Click the exhibit.
Over which BGP session will router B learn the prefix?
A. The session between router A and router
C. The session between router C and router
E. The session between router D and router
G. Router B will learn the prefix over all of the sessions, then it will choose the best route.
Answer: A
Question: 192
Which of the following statements regarding BGP Add-Paths is FALSE?
A. Add-Paths allows non-best paths to be advertised to a peer.
B. Add-Paths capabilities are exchanged between peers after the BGP session is established.
C. A BGP speaker must advertise the capability to receive multiple paths from its peer.
D. A BGP speaker must advertise the capability to send multiple paths to its peer.
Answer: B
Question: 193
Which of the following regarding the TTL of a BGP message is TRUE?
A. TTL is a well-known mandatory BGP attribute.
B. The default TTL value of an eBGP message is 1, and 64 for an iBGP message.
C. The default TTL value of an iBGP message can be modified using the multihop command.
D. The default TTL value of an eBGP message can be modified using the "ttl-security" command.
Answer: B
Question: 194
Click the exhibit.
Router R2 receives a route to from router R4, and sets the local preference to 110. Router R1 receives
a route to from router R3, and sets the local preference to 80. Both ASs have a full iBGP mesh.
What path does traffic destined to take from router R1?
A. R1-R3-R8
B. R1-R2-R4-R8
C. R1-R3-R4-R8
D. R1-R2-R4-R3-R8
Answer: B
Question: 195
What class of attribute is Originator_ID?
A. Well-known mandatory.
B. Well-known discretionary.
C. Optional transitive.
D. Optional non-transitive.
Answer: D
Question: 196
Click the exhibit.
Given that ISP 1 and ISP 2 are Tier 2 providers, and that ISP 3 and ISP 4 are Tier 1 providers, what is the most likely
relationship between ISP 1 and the other ISPs?
A. ISP 1 has a peering relationship with ISP 2 and ISP 4.
B. ISP 1 has a peering relationship with ISP 2 and a transit relationship with ISP 3.
C. ISP 1 has a peering relationship with ISP 2 and ISP 3.
D. ISP 1 has a transit relationship with ISP 2 and ISP 4.
E. ISP 1 has a transit relationship with ISP 2 and a peering relationship with ISP 3.
Answer: B
Question: 197
Which of the following best describes the purpose of advertise-external?
A. It enables a BGP speaker to advertise multiple external routes to iBGP peers.
B. It enables a BGP speaker to advertise its best external route to iBGP peers when the best overall route is internal.
C. It enables a BGP speaker to advertise its best external route to eBGP peers without an import policy.
D. It enables a BGP speaker to advertise its best internal route to eBGP peers without an export policy.
Answer: B
Question: 198
Assuming that "client1" and "client2" are directly-connected networks, what is the result of executing the following
BGP policy?
A. "client2" routes will be tagged with communities "West" and "North".
B. "client2" routes will be tagged with communities "West", "North" and "South".
C. "client2" routes will be tagged with community "West".
D. "client2" routes will be tagged with community "South".
Answer: C
Question: 199
Which of the following organizations would an ISP based in Europe approach for an IP prefix assignment?
Answer: C
Question: 200
Which of the following regarding BGP confederations is FALSE?
A. A confederation is a collection of Autonomous Systems advertised as a single AS number to BGP speakers outside
the confederation.
B. Each member AS must either maintain a full mesh of iBGP sessions, or use route reflection.
C. Confederations can be used to subdivide ASs that have a large number of BGP speakers into smaller domains.
D. A full mesh of intra-confederation eBGP sessions is required between the member ASs.
Answer: D
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Dump Nokia: The information Steve Ballmer Owes To Satya Nadella

location: The fats Cow, a currently closed restaurant in los angeles, a part of the Gordon Ramsay empire.

The individuals: existing Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and his predecessor, the would-be l. a. Clippers owner Steve Ballmer

The time: the day prior to this evening, after Nadella announced plans to lay off 18,000 personnel, together with half of the 25,000 individuals employed by means of the mobilephone division Microsoft these days got from Nokia

Disclaimer: here events didn't really take place, but possibly they should have.

NADELLA: Steve, why are we in a restaurant it is curiously out of enterprise?

BALLMER: i'll get to that in a minute, Satya. do not I appear remarkable?

NADELLA: You do. You do. you've got clearly long past Hollywood, Steve. Two billion for the Clippers looks nuts notwithstanding, if I could be so daring.

BALLMER: [Lets out a giant belly laugh that echoes through the empty restaurant.] Oh, Satya, my historic buddy. You comprehend what's nuts? Paying $7.2 billion for a telephone maker that has a market share so small, it makes that little man on the Spurs seem to be large. i am so sorry I saddled you with that mess.

NADELLA: or not it's exceptional, Steve. i am making Stephen Elop swing the axe and getting rid of half the americans. we will get the division to breakeven within a couple of quarters, i am fairly sure....

BALLMER: [Cutting him off] ... No! you might be now not getting it, Satya! i'm sorry. I don't in reality understand what i was thinking. i was having Apple envy and that i desired these "fats cow" earnings they have been making in Cupertino. [He gestures around the restaurant, impressed with his wittiness in relating the location's name to the point he's making.] Why i assumed a company that consistently turned into running at a loss may ever produce Apple-like profits is totally beyond me.

NADELLA: but we are becoming share in low-conclusion instruments. home windows cell is becoming within the starting to be segments of the smartphone market!

BALLMER: Satya, severely, cease. You sound like a guy who would put out a 3,one hundred observe memo announcing a new corporate strategy. You recognize what came about to the ultimate man that put out three,000 words of approach? i'll give you a clue. He become me. Now i'm trying to be the next Paul Allen -- prosperous Microsoftie became activities proprietor.

NADELLA: I see. Others have brought up perhaps I went on too long. I had lots to assert.

BALLMER: neatly, in fairness to you, in Elop's letter, he spent 850 words rambling on earlier than getting around to mentioning that 50% of the individuals studying the letter have been about to lose their jobs. in comparison to him, you're Shakespeare and the Dalai Lama rolled into one.

NADELLA: You flatter me, but we appear to be digressing here. Why was it that you simply introduced me here?

BALLMER: [Again, Ballmer roars with laughter. Off in the kitchen, some yelling is heard.] Oh, yeah, Satya i used to be wrong concerning the Nokia aspect. these low-conclusion telephones are bad gross margin gadgets. that you can sell further and further of them and never make a penny doing it. And, actually, you're no longer going to promote too many greater of them. You don't have any presence on the high conclusion. stop paying attention to individuals telling you that you're catching Apple. your whole share is coming from low-end Android, which is simply going to get more affordable.

You remember when Google purchased Motorola? I imply what were they considering? They kept laying people off. over and over. They made captivating phones. And it failed to make a little bit of difference. within the end, they offered it for next to nothing and they saved the handiest part that matters.

NADELLA: The patents?

BALLMER: Bingo friend. Let me let you know about this blog i was studying in my newfound free time. it be through this guy Greg Galant and he's retelling a narrative about Andy Grove and his time operating Intel.* might be you comprehend the story, however let me give you a short recap: Intel again then made basically reminiscence chips and they're attempting to machine even if to focal point on microprocessors however they can't let go of the memory enterprise, which is struggling. Grove asks Gordon Moore: "If we got kicked out and the board introduced in a brand new CEO, what do you feel he would do?"

Moore tells him the new guy would dump the reminiscence enterprise. And Grove says, "Why shouldn’t you and i stroll out the door, come back and do it ourselves?"

NADELLA: [Strokes his chin, removes his glasses.] I am the brand new guy.

BALLMER: [The light hits his eye just so, giving it an almost blinding glint.] precisely my chum, exactly.

NADELLA: You desire me to do away with Nokia.

BALLMER: just supply away everything however the patents. And do it now. Make the layoffs somebody else's company.

NADELLA: however what about windows cellphone? Who will make sure it succeeds out there?

BALLMER: You recognize what's extraordinary Satya? when you're backyard, you see issues obviously. Microsoft makes no funds from telephones. now not these days. no longer day after today. now not 5 years from now. We -- and i can nonetheless say we considering the fact that no one owns more stock than I do -- make money from utility. We make billions from PCs; what you should work out is the way to make billions from phones and capsules.

NADELLA: We already begun with office 365.

BALLMER: Yup. greater of that. plenty extra. there may be greater than 1000000000 telephones offered every year. Going to be 6 billion in use quickly. drugs are going to outsell PCs. you have so an awful lot opportunity. cease chasing Apple. stop trying to persuade builders they could write a single app so as to run superbly on a smartphone and a laptop. They know they can not.

What they can do is write exquisite apps in the cloud and access them on any gadget they choose. And we -- smartly you -- can sell them the stuff Microsoft is decent at. And make a lot of money.

NADELLA: it's not glamorous.

BALLMER: No offense, buddy, but you are no longer glamorous. You didn't get the job because you're glamorous. You received it as a result of any outsider would've needed 2 years simply to be taught what Microsoft does. You acquired it as a result of among insiders, you had been regarded an outstanding manager who everybody favored. You received it since you confirmed you were your personal man. So display everybody.

NADELLA: I already introduced the layoffs even though.

BALLMER: that's nonetheless just half the individuals. and you have not red-slipped any of them. name all and sundry in India, China and Taiwan. promote Nokia. Hell, provide it away.

NADELLA: however what if no person desires to pay anything for it?

[Suddenly, a figure emerges from the kitchen. It's none other than Chef Gordon Ramsay himself. Ballmer gestures toward him.]

BALLMER: What's that catchphrase you utilize on that Hells Kitchen display, Gordon?

RAMSAY: Satya, decent to satisfy you. i'm hoping you are enjoying dinner. If nobody wants to buy it? similar to this restaurant, Shut it down!

* special thanks to Farooq Butt for the Twitter alternate that led to Greg Galant's blog.


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